Miklos Legrady
Web Design

Nuit Blanche   Nuit Blanche Toronto 2006 - 2012
Produced for the City of Toronto

Photography and video documentation site
for Scotiabank New Blanche.

Canadian Art Database   www.ccca.ca
The Canadian Art Database

The Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art is a comprehensive overview of Canadian art. It has currently 54,000 images of work by 600+ artists.

The site receives more than 60,000 hits per day by over 2,300 unique visitors. In the 2012, the site received over 18 million hits.

Vera Frenkel   Vera Frenkel
Media Arts
2006 - Mark Jones | 2010 - Miklos Legrady
Based on a design by Gilbert Li

Paul Couillard performance   Sitting With The Mountain
30 day performance by Paul Couillard

With more than 6000 images,
currently the largest performance documentary online.

Artifacts performance   Artifacts
Pam Patterson and Leena Raudvee
Contemporary Canadian performance

Leena Raudvee website   Leena Raudvee
Contemporary Canadian performance

A Girl In The Sky Productions   A Girl In The Sky Productions
Rebecca Leonard and Associates
Aerial Dance

Kiisti Matsuo Makeup   Darcia Labrosse
Metal Language - Gallery 1313

Istvan Kantor   Istvan Kantor
Performance artist

Winner of the 2004 Governor General's Award.

Kiisti Matsuo Makeup   Kiisti Matsuo
Make Up artist

Marlee Cargill   Marlee Cargill - new site / work in progress
Dance and Performance

Marlee Cargill is a choreographer, dancer,
and dance educator based in Toronto.

lo bil   lo bil
Dance and Performance

Lo bil is a performance artist based in Toronto.

Celia Neubauer   Celia Neubauer

Kate Brown   Kate Brown

Maria Plus One   Maria Plus One
Maria Legault
Maria Legault is an interdisciplinary artist
whose work has been shown at Mercer Union,
Inter Access, Forest City Gallery, TAAFI,
and 7@11D.

Maria Plus One is a tongue in cheek contribution
to the much-examined subject of love.
"By taking on Plus One, a life-size doll, as a lover,
I depict the psychoanalytic longings
involved in romantic love."

free sugar   FREE SUGAR
Maria Legault

Free Sugar: offering solutions
to personal and civic problems in the 21st century.