IN THE 1950'S

The newsreels of the early 50's might be seen not only as documentaries but as a kind of fiction films, grand recitals of the communist (stalinist) policy. In this context this footage on one level documented the area (the present) and in an other level the visions of official propaganda (the future in the present). These materials are interesting for us because of their constant [shifting] between these levels of reality (fictionizing the genre of the newsreel).

We cannot say that what we see in these films are all lies (nor mere agitation and/or ideological manipulation). There is a twist or at least we can find a twist in the way the newsreels became the vehicle of the propaganda. The main challenge to the viewer is to find how this kind of agitation worked (visual strategies and mythic narratives) and to analyze the so called future in the present; it's narrative, political, ideological and filmic tools.