photography by Miklos Legrady


Pam Patterson and Leena Raudvee, with Miklos Legrady.
developing a new installation/performance
Pentimenti, in the Process Gallery, Gallery 1313, December 13 to 16.

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Thursday Dec 13, 4-6pm
Friday Dec 14, 4-6pm
Saturday Dec 15, 2-4pm
Sunday December 16, 4 pm
Sunday December 16, video

In Individual Points of Fiction, an A Space performance and exhibition, June 2012,
ARTIFACTS known for its site-specific performances, deepened its relationship with/in space
as Patterson and Raudvee addressed the divide between, and notion of, progress as process/product.

They focused on the research component of performance and, if one can recognize artistic practice as performative, of studio practice. For Pentimenti,they intend to advance this idea at Gallery 1313’s Process Gallery and focus specifically on the interrelationships among image, sound, and mark making as a collaborative and performative activity.

“Pentimenti”, as term, refers to multiple alterations in a painting. Traces of previous activity linger;
the artists changed their minds during the making. Here making is integral to the image formation – it is fluid, lucent and unpredictable – performance as painterly.

ARTIFACTS was formed in 1983 by Pam Patterson and Leena Raudvee to produce collaborative works which combine the sensibilities and concerns of art and theatre. Over the years this practice has become interdisciplinary performance art. In 2013 Miklos Legrady was invited to join ARTIFACTS in recongition of his role as documentary photographer, whose physical presence within the performance as the public eye and silent witness takes on the role of a third performer. While concentrating on performance, ARTIFACTS has also created sound and video works and visual exhibitions. Recent works include: Individual Points of Fiction, A Space Gallery; Palimpsest, Toronto Free Gallery and Homage to Margaret, CWSE University of Toronto. Other works include:  Pacing the Cage, Collisions 2006, Victoria BC; The Voyage Out for Buddies in Bad Times’ Hysteria: A Festival of Women; Passing, 7A11D International Performance Art Festival; Detale (detail), presented for Roundup 89; Attending II, part of the series Access to the Process at A Space Winchester St. Theatre, Toronto.  Earlier works included performances in theatres, the street, at the Theatre Centre and the Partisan Gallery.

Gallery 1313 / Process Gallery / 1313 Queen Street West, Toronto
Gallery Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 1 – 6 pm, (416) 536-6778.

We gratefully acknowledge funding support from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Ontario Arts Council