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20" x 40.5" - 50.8cm x 102.87cm, acrylic on cardboard. October 26, 2015.

Ludwig Wittgenstein’s conundrum: ‘if a lion could speak, we could not understand him’. That is, the lion, even given our language, would still have a lion’s mind and would not talk about things comprehensible to us.” Now Ludwig’s smarter than I, most of the time, but just for that reason he illustrates the intellectual’s conundrum. A brilliant person can still be terribly wrong.

I have a cat who comes to the kitchen door and insists on her teaspoon of yogurt 2-3 times a day, and she is very specific about being petted, combed, and appreciated. Jubilee and I share a common understanding of what is desirable, and she talks to me about it without even having a human language. Imagine if? My cockatiel Bowie chirps and meeps and does so aggressively, or at times with hesitation indicating uncertainty, or she chirps with joy... so again we share a common language, although her handwriting is barely decipherable, just above the level of a doctor's script on a prescription. If animals could talk they would insist on favors and better treatment, so it's likely that animals may develop human language as an evolutionary leap, just so Polly can get another cracker.