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Scott Boyko

London Riots
Digital Graphic Novel

Safety is a key factor in a world that is full of political turmoil. This graphic novel is situated at a time when chaotic English riots in London and riots in other British cities occurred during August 6-11, 2011. Thousands of people rioted as a result of the death of Mark Duggan on August 4th 2011 who was shot by British police. Many considered this was an act of injustice, which resulted in looting, arson and seemingly uncontrollable turmoil turning into copycat violence in other parts of Britain. Within 5 days 3,000 arrests were made, 5 deaths happened, and 200 million in property damage occurred. Debate still occurs today over the reason for these riots including class injustice, racial tensions, unemployment and economic deterioration: namely the corrosion of social, political and economic standards of living. My sister was living in London during these riots. This inspired my artwork.