The Anonymous Art Awards

presented by Miklos Legrady
along with Those Who Wish To Remain Anonymous.

The Anonymous Art Awards will celebrate and honor those artists
who have shown excellence this year but wish to remain anonymous.

The art community, while an endearing crowd, has undisclosed vested interests,
and like all groups will enforce their own sense of social conformity.
Some artists on the other hand are shy, socially inept, or badly confused.

Anonymous art could be more interesting than art history; it's a known fact.
This is an opportunity to let your imagination soar
to what those anonymous works would be, could be...
if we could but see them.

Awards will be presented in all media categories.
Unfortunately, the artwork could lead to indentifying the artists,
so no work may be entered in the competition or shown to the public.

Since the winners wish to remain anonymous, there'll be no need for prizes,
or walking up to the podium under the glare of spotlights.

In fact, since the winners won't show up at all,
there's no point in expensive award presentations,
which have been very successfully cancelled.

Thank you all for participating.

Collection, 2007
Rhizome Artbase,
an online platform
for the global new media art community.

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